Accuslide Slide-Out Failures

It has come to LAS Motorhomes attention that a number of motorhome body manufactures are using a slide-out system called ACCUSLIDE.

This system comprises of an electric motor, a chain and steal ropes. The problem has occurred with the rope adjusters coming loose and allowing the slide out to extend unevenly, if this is left to manifest the ropes can become unattached causing total failure.

At the start of the failure you will often hear a twanging noise coming from the ropes as they loosen off.

If you have no information in your vehicle handbook and/or are unsure of what type of slide-out mechanism you have simply extend the slide-out, and then go outside and check to see if you can the ropes running along the left and right of the box.

If you don’t see any steel ropes then you have not got the ACCUSLIDE system. You may have a Schwintek slide out system instead. If so, you can find out the most common problem here

N.B. The system is used on the main and bedroom slide-outs.

Accuslide system

Accuslide system

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