AGM Leisure Batteries

Recently one of our customers decided that he would like LAS Motorhomes to fit a surround system with amplifier in his motorhome.  Our first task was to alter the front cupboard space to enable us to fit all the equipment (this will be covered in a later case study).

The reason for this case study is the customer wanted to run his new system on an inverter.  After a few calculations it was apparent that a 1.5 kw inverter was required.  To complete this project successfully a combi unit was needed, this is an inverter charger combined that will charge the batteries to their optimum.

It is pointless fitting an inverter/charger if you do not have the battery capacity to power it.  Once again back on the calculator to work out the amount of batteries required.  To give the customer what they wanted, five AGM batteries at 120amp/hours needed to be fitted to the vehicle.  The conclusion was a bespoke battery tray was fabricated to fit under the vehicle in such a way that they could be fitted and removed as one complete module.  By using sealed AGM batteries we get the best charge absorption and constant discharge voltage with no battery maintenance required.

As you can see from the pictures it was all worthwhile, although the work carried out took a lot of thought and expertise to accomplish the task.

Left: The bespoke battery tray, Middle: The mountings to take the battery tray, Right: The battery tray fitted

 The bespoke battery trayThe mountings to take the battery trayThe battery tray fitted

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