American Motorhome Interior Update

Part 1

The challenge for this American RV motorhome conversion is to “Create the wow factor”, now that is easier said than done.

The owner has come up with some definite ideas which have pushed the boundaries about as far as they can go.

His first request was to introduce more light into the interior by using large skylights, like the ones that are used in caravans.

The second request was to put a new steam driven shower unit into an extended wash area.

Now the third request was to increase the size of the fridge.

All of these products have been supplied by the owner.

First of all we will tackle the increasing of the skylights. When the aperture is increased to accommodate the larger skylights the air conditioning ducts have to be cut and the air re-directed in plastic ducting around the edge of the skylight. To achieve the redirection of the air, the skylight apertures need to be a lot longer on the outside to allow for the fitting of the ducting.   The next thing you need to do is to make good the aperture, this requires cutting a ply pattern to fit over the skylight edge.

The next challenge is to fit it on in the bedroom.

The second request has been the most challenging so far, this was to fit a steam generated shower with radio and LED lighting.

The shower

The shower.

Now to create this dream of a shower for the customer, the water tank has to be increased which has meant removing the floor. A water clarifier will have to be fitted along with a water pump and piping. This being able to cope with the increase demand on the fresh water system and therefore requires a pump that can pump the waste water from the shower to the grey waste tank. Many hours of labour have been burnt up to get to this point because nothing has been straight forward.

As you can see from some of the pictures the slide out has been removed, this has been done so as the wooden floor could be fitted, as well as allowing us to plan what was required to give the slide out seating area the wow factor. The plan is to replicate a seating area similar to one that we have seen in another motorhome, then adapt it to fit our project.

In the picture of the slide out you will see that the interior walls have been painted to add to the wow factor.

The seating that needs to be copied.

The seating that needs to be copied.

The slide out that needs to be transformed.

The slide out that needs to be transformed.

So far the seating framework has been made and has been sent to the upholsterers, Lee and Paul are hard at work fitting the fridge.

As the interior progresses I will keep you posted.




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