Badly Fitted Windscreen Rubber on New Windscreens

LAS motorhomes started fitting new windscreens many years ago because they could not rely on windscreen companies to carry out the work correctly.

The first problem we found was the level of care that was not taken whilst working inside American RV motorhomes, working on none protected carpets, standing on seats and dash boards. This disregard and lack of respect could not be tolerated.

The second problem concerned rubbers. When inspecting the windscreen rubber it should be soft and malleable. If it is hard and difficult to bend then the screen rubber needs replacing with a new one. The large part of the windscreen rubber is made to hold the screen, with a smaller centre rubber known as the key rubber. This smaller centre rubber allows the large windscreen rubber to clamp the screen in place. When fitted holds the windscreen into the rubber lightly. For this to work the screen rubber must be soft and malleable.

Most companies are reluctant to replace the rubbers, by claiming they could not obtain them or telling customers how much harder it was to fit a new windscreen into a new rubber. The quality of the replacement hit rock bottom by using old screen rubbers, as well as other bad practises being adopted.

To compensate for the badly fitting windscreen rubber the American RV motorhome would be treated to as much sealer as possible, this was to try to fill the gap between the windscreen and the rubber. It was the cause of so many of the windscreens leaking water.

As the windscreen rubbers were are so hard, it was very difficult to fit the last part of the window screen into the rubber. This lead to the bad practise of cutting the rubber at a 45 degree angle, then hiding this cut with sealer at the end of the job.

Here at LAS motorhomes we will look after your vehicle and carry out the work correctly.

Sometimes your insurance company will refer you to one of the multinational companies to which you do not have to accept. If you explain that you have a designated company such as LAS motorhomes who will carry out the work for you, they will usually ask you for a quote. Once we have sent that to them, we can then carry out the work for you.

In image 1 above you can see here you can see where the 45 degree cut has been done and how it has been disguised with sealer.

In image 2 above you can see with using an old rubber you can see how far the windscreen rubber is away from the windscreen.

In image 3 above you can see this shows how the windscreen has come across to the left and damaged the rubber.

In image 4 above you can see from the angle you won’t think anything is wrong. The screens on this vehicle have been refitted temporarily until the new rubber arrives. The excess sealer you can see in the picture is glue, this enables the vehicle to be used.

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