Your Bespoke Motorhome Part 2

When LAS motorhomes website was having its re-vamp under the RV’s interior section, I added an article under the heading of “Your bespoke motorhome”. The idea of this was to show the great length we need to go through and the amount of work it takes to create the dream.

When you start to strip out an American RV and take it down to its main nuts and bolts you encounter numerous problems that you need to overcome as well as original build problems, these need altering to prevent problems later on.

As you can see from the first article we needed to strip out the vehicle to its bare bones. The slide outs were removed so that the floor could be laid under it. There are rollers on the base of the slide out, these allow it to roll on the floor, and if the floor is not laid under the slide out correctly then the rollers will catch on the floor and ruin it.

All the furniture was then removed and it was painted in a granite effect. Once the furniture was removed the roof and front of the vehicle were masked off, allowing us to spray the walls grey.

Then the next step was to lay the floor, once this was done we could refit one of the slide outs. The more taxing operation was to re-make the worktops for the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, although to be honest the worktops were quite easy to make it was the covering with formica that required extra skills, (nothing like learning on the job).

We then had to buy the carpet and fit in the bedroom and the cab area. The dining area was next, the seating had to be re-made and then covered.

Originally the Coachman motorhome did not have pelmets on all of the windows, this meant making new ones and covering them with foam before covering them with the grey material with a dash of red.

All of the cupboard doors were remade because the granite effect paint would not have worked on the originals.

The interior lights were change to LED. A black surround mirror was added for effect along with a new clock.

The key to success is not only a good team working for you, a good sense of vision is needed as well. LAS motorhomes have completed many conversions but this one in particular I would say was the hardest conversion, no one else could see the finished product in their heads until ¾ way through.

This is what we had to work with:

  • The floor needed to be black and sparkly.
  • The wood needed to be black.
  • The work surfaces needed to be black and sparkly.
  • The bedroom was to have a black carpet.
  • The owner did not like the green wall covering.
  • The kitchen sink needed to be big enough for plates.
  • The owner hated the covering that surrounded the slide outs.

The owner purchased the three piece suite and also the material that covered the single seat with enough to do all the window pelmets and slide out surrounds.

This is how the finished result ended up, it was slightly different:

  • The black worktops became white.
  • The black carpet ended up grey.
  • The material that was used for the single seat in my mind looked too brown, so we purchased a dark grey that matched one of the greys on the three piece suite, the red also matched the suite.
  • The walls were painted as requested.
  • The sink was also as per instructions.

When the owners came to collect their motorhome, I must admit it was a tense time, all turned out well, they loved it and were very happy with the end result.

The first two images show the granite effect wood.

Image 3 shows the carpet laid and the bedroom furniture being refitted.

Image 4 shows the new kitchen sink. The decision was made to paint the bathroom door grey and not black which turned out to be the right one.

Images 5 and 6 show the bedroom with the door fitted and the rear wall covered with material.

Images 7 and 8 show the re-made dining area with the red piping on the seats, which makes for a nice touch.

Image 9 shows the toilet area with the new sink top and new window pelmet.

Image 10 gives a view of the completed kitchen area.

Image 11 shows the front area with the grey carpet and TV conversion.

Image 12 shows the TV conversion.

Image 13 gives you a good idea of the way the window pelmets make a nice touch.

For you eagle eyed people the round light to the left of the picture is not in the   centre because it is hiding the original wall light hiding screws.

Image 14 I think the little things can make the difference, the new wall clock.

If you would like your vehicle converting give us a call on 01604 861999.