Corrosion on Roadmaster Chassis

The Monaco Corporation ceased trading during the financial crash and has now got new owners.

Both the old models and now the new ones still use the Road Master chassis. This chassis was and still is part of the top end range. The older models such as the Windsor and Diplomat used this chassis, these new models are now too long to be accepted on our roads.

The Roadmaster chassis is part of the monocot construction, this is to say that the front of the motorhome is built on a sub frame, as well as the rear which is also built on the same. These two parts are joined by the body in the middle. This type of construction method was used to give a much smoother ride in comparison with an RV built on the conventional ladder chassis.

As these American RV’s get older they have begun to show up some problems in relation to the front and rear sub frames, the first problem that was noticed concerned a 2000 Diplomat.

The iron work spanning the length of the motorhome had corroded away causing the rear air bag mounts to twist inwards putting undue strain on the upper part of the sub frame which in turn started to crack.

Then came a problem on a 2005 Road Master chassis. Much the same had occurred, although this time the main load bearing structure was not affected.

Monaco have altered the chassis through the years, but it would seem that the runners that run between the two sub frames are still subject to a corrosion problem, and need to be inspected periodically and replaced as necessary.

Watch the video below on the corrosion problems we found on the Monaco Roadmaster chassis and how to fix them…

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