LAS can bespoke your American RV motorhome!

We all know that a lot of American Motorhome manufacturers don’t exist any more, of which some of them in the past have manufactured good quality coaches. Names such as Monaco, Windsor and Diplomat which were at the high end of the market are no longer available. The existing coaches still have plenty of life in them although they do now look very dated.

Motorhome Customisation old TV

“Can you do anything with the T.V. for me?

LAS Motorhomes have been updating a Monaco Diplomat, an article has already been written about us removing the old carpet and then refitting it with a new wooden floor. This improved the motorhome tremendously and made the floor look fantastic. The problem now was that when you looked up, there was a large old T.V. cupboard there that was still in use. It was definitely in need of an update; the customer had the same thoughts and asked “Can you do anything with the T.V. for me? Our answer to this question was “yes we can, we have done lots of this type of work in the past”.

The team at LAS Motorhomes set to work, without too much thought and planning realised that the overhead cupboards were too small compared with the other T.V. modifications that LAS Motorhomes had previously done for customers. Time for us to pause and think again, this was when we decided to re-make all the cupboards at the front.

American Motorhome TV modifications

Removal of the old cupboard

First thing we had to do was to remove the old cupboard to which we found had been screwed in from the top before the roof had been fitted.

The next part of the work was the box where the old T.V. was fitted; we turned this into a cupboard to accommodate a play station and a DVD player.

A new T.V. surround was built from scratch to fit the new flat screen T.V. in the centre, and a larger than average cupboard towards the exit door. The whole thing was constructed from solid oak and was then polished. Have a look at the pictures to see the result that was achieved, the front now looks original and bang up to date.

Finished Motorhome Customisation

Original and bang up to date

So now to re-cap, this vehicle has now had the carpet replaced with a new wooden floor, the old gold light fittings have also been replaced with modern LED units, and there is now an up to date flat screen T.V. sitting in a new made to measure cupboard. It looks fantastic!

Next step is to change the exterior colour, so we will keep you posted.

If you require any further information contact LAS Motorhomes on 01604 861999