LAS Open New Moulding Workshop

Over the last five years, we have seen some of the large American RV Motorhome manufacturers disappear, they have either gone into liquidation or have been taken over by another company or amalgamated with other companies.

With the exception of the some of the Roadmaster parts, the main bulk of the chassis parts are still available. The problems occur when obtaining some of the body parts. LAS are now carrying out some large and complex accident repairs and the need for body parts has become more and more frequent, making it essential for us to obtain identical parts in order for us to complete a high-quality repair. Availability of body parts has declined rapidly over the years. Here at LAS, we have been making our own body panels from aluminium for quite some time, components such as wheel arches and body end caps are now unobtainable. The main reason for this is because the new companies who have taken over the RV manufacturers do not support the older models. They will sell you a brand new American RV Motorhome but do not want to and will not sell you body parts for the older models. Another reason is that the original panel manufacturer has now ceased trading.

This left us at LAS with a major problem and the only way forward was to start making our own moulds for body parts this included wheel arches and body end caps. In order for us to do this, we have opened our new moulding workshop that is located some distance away from the main garage, as fibreglass can be inflammable and can give off fumes.