Fitting LPG systems

Fitting LPG systems to RVs is a very cost effective way of saving money on your fuel bills. At LAS we not only fit the latest gas system to your RV but ensure the LPG tank doesn’t, where possible, take up valuable storage space within your RV.

The Zavoli LPG Systems that LAS fit to American Motorhomes have large capacity injectors, which feed the engine with the higher quantities of LPG that it will require under high loads. The Zavoli systems also have a 3 year warranty, with the emissions rated at Euro 5.

For slightly older motorhomes (1998 – 2002) we use a very tried and tested system from America. This system is specially designed for large capacity American engines and is the only system that can be fitted to Chevrolet 454 EFI engines.

  • If you have recently had an LPG conversion undertaken (not by LAS) and the “service engine soon” light comes on, chances are that it has nothing to do with the engine needing a service, and in fact the engine is running leaner than it should. Put simply; the engine cylinders will be running too hot, which can lead to potential engine damage.
  • LAS have noticed that some LPG converters use 2 Toroidal tanks under the vehicle. The problem we have found with this is that they do not fill from a single filler, and instead require 2 separate fillers either side of the vehicle, causing massive inconvenience and confusion.

As well as fitting LPG systems to your RV, we can also repair and replace worn or damaged parts.