Interior Design

Not everyone knows what they want until they see it. Quite often LAS will start a project and then when it gets to the dismantling stage, ideas start to flow.

The biggest problem with updating interiors is not what you can see, it is with what you cannot see. It is not until you start removing the old that you can see if your new ideas are going to work, if they don’t this is when you need to think on your feet, come up with new ideas and be able to work around any problems or difficulties you may predict.

Here at LAS we pride ourselves in just that. Recently LAS were carrying out a 230 volt addition to a new American motorhome when I noticed this little computer generated gem in the bedroom. I made the motorhome supplier aware of this and with a little bit of time they came up with a solution to increase the length of the draw runners. This answer to the problem might sound correct to the untrained person, but the implications of lengthening the draw runners would only end in tears (as we all learnt at school, if we can remember that far back). Force x Distance, which in this case would mean when you put items in the draws the draw runners would shear off. Have you any ideas of how to overcome this problem? If so, have you the skills to alter the draws to solve this problem?

Could your solution to the problem be to hinge the front of the draws? If so then you are thinking on the same wave length as LAS.

If you have half an idea and would like some interior work carried out on your motorhome, then let LAS help you with the other half of the idea, and between us we can create the perfect leisure space.

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