Larger tank or save water?

Sometimes at LAS Motorhomes we come across customers who have specific ideas in order to achieve a specific dream.  Just a few weeks ago, we met one.  He resides in Australia and his vision is to tour Europe.  Before he had his children he has done a similar trip and learnt a lot from doing this.  On his first tour he took a Gulfstream C Class Motorhome with him, but now he has three children he requires much larger Motorhome to accommodate them.

Save Cold Water in Motorhome

His choice of motorhome was a Fleetwood Revolution, but the one thing he had learnt was the need for fresh water, and now with the children this need would become greater.

A Fleetwood Revolution has a water boiler that is located in the rear of the motorhome and a kitchen that is in the centre of the living area.  When you need hot water for washing up, you will waste 3 litres of water before you get the hot water through, because the water boiler is so far away.

The customers answer to this problem was to get LAS to fit a thermostatic valve.  This valve is marketed in Australia and according to them it can be used in two different ways:

A.    Save cold water within the system.
B.    Save cold water to a suitable container.

The customer presented LAS Motorhomes with this product and asked if we could make it work on his motorhome (LAS likes customers like this).

What we did was to run a pipe from the kitchen sink area back to the water tank (not a mean task).  Now when you turn on the hot water tap in the kitchen, the cold water will run back to the fresh water tank until the water temperature reaches 30 degrees celsius, then the water flow will be directed to the hot water tap saving 3 litres of water.  Another happy customer!

It does make you think how much we take things for granted, as most customers would ask you to fit a larger tank.  In this instance we have solved a problem which I am certain will benefit others in the future.

Should you require any further information regarding tanks please contact LAS Motorhomes on 01604 861999.