American RV Motorhome Condensation

Whenever an American RV Motorhome is used on a regular basis, consumers criticise about the amount of condensation that is produced.

LAS Motorhomes recently discovered a useful product that is created by a company called Kair Ventilation Ltd. The product is a heat recovery ventilation unit. The idea is to supply constant fresh air, while recovering the stale air with the minimum of heat rise. The advantage of  this product is that it claims to remove 65% of the heat from the stale air, before exhausting it outside.

Although this is not a new idea, this product is already being used in new houses and flats. It is in high demand now because houses are becoming air tight with cavity insulation and double glazing. As fuel prices are so high you don’t really want to want to pay out to heat air, then open a window to clear the condensation, and let all the heat out.

This product that LAS Motorhomes has been using for a recent motor home’s would be exactly the same one that is used in a flat. With a lot of ingenuity LAS Motorhomes has fitted this to a motorhome and are now waiting for results on its performance.