Passionate About American RV Motorhomes

Here at LAS we are passionate about American RV Motorhomes and are proud of the high quality work that we carry out and produce.  It doesn’t matter how large or small the accident or body repair is, the same care and attention is always taken.

At LAS we know and understand how much your American RV Motorhome means to you, and whilst it is in our care we look after it as if it is our own.  We ensure it is highly respected, looked after correctly, and is secure at all times.

One thing we do is completely cover the motorhome with polythene, prior to carrying out any paintwork.  The reason for this is that when flatting and preparing the surface that is to be painted, lots of dust is created.  This dust lands and sits on the roof of your American RV motorhome, and when you spray the paint you create an overspray.  Then this overspray will act as a weak adhesive which will loosely bond the dust to the roof.  If this happens, when your American RV motorhome is left out in the rain you will notice white lines running down the side of your motorhome.  Whilst this is very annoying and unattractive they can also be very difficult to remove.

When LAS carry out private or accident body work, re-sprays, you can be certain that we are taking the greatest care of your American RV motorhome as we possibly can.

For more information on body work please contact LAS motorhomes on 01604 861999.