Replacement Carpet or Laminate Flooring

American RV Motorhomes are manufactured with good quality hard wearing carpets, this does not prevent them from looking worn out and shabby as the years go by. The carpets are fitted very early in the production sequence, with the base floor being first, then the carpet, followed by the furniture. Furniture, when fitted, is placed and fixed over the carpets, making it a high-quality production product. This also ensures that when the vehicle needs replacement carpets, the furniture has to be removed in order for the new carpets or flooring to be laid correctly.

At this point of time, the customer needs to make a decision on the type of flooring, it could be either a carpet or a laminate wooden floor, the decision is a matter of personal preference. Here at LAS Motorhomes, our technicians have many years of experience in doing all types of flooring work.

If a carpet is chosen then the underlay and carpet need to be laid and fitted accurately, if this is not done correctly, the slide out roller will pull away from the walls when operated.

When laminate wooden flooring is chosen, LAS recommend new slide out rollers should be fitted at this time to prevent any damage to the new floor surface.

There are also options and choices for the steps, they can be made to look very nice in a wood, or alternatively rubber can be used on the steps making them very practical and hard wearing.

Here at LAS Motorhomes, our technicians take pride and care in the work they do. If you are thinking of replacing the flooring or modernising your American RV Motorhome, contact one of our experienced team members on 01604 861999.