Accessories Case Study

When it comes to fitting accessories, it’s not just about slotting the accessory in or bolting onto your RV. Many factors need to be taken into account before we even fit an accessory. Like does it need power to work? Where’s the best and safest place to install? And of course the million dollar question… will it fit?

At LAS we take not only all the above into account but much more…

In the summer we had a call from a customer who had replaced their CRT (cathode ray tube) TV to a nice new LCD one, with one problem; the company used to install the new TV didn’t fit the new TV correctly.

All LCD TV or screens vary in picture quality depending on the angle they are viewed from.

Instead of modifying the cabinet then fitting the new LCD TV with an angling bracket, they had just boarded over where the larger CRT TV had been, and then fitted the new TV to the board.

So when the customer wished to watch TV they couldn’t see the entire picture when sitting down.  Nightmare!!

After a bit of searching with suppliers to find the best bracket for the TV we set to work, taking out all the old boarding and replacing the lot with a new bracket that the customer could adjust, so they could get the best picture quality wherever they were in the RV.