Quality Accident Repairs

Producing a high-quality accident repair is not as easy as you might think. Gone are the days of highly skilled workers who have undertaken a long and complete training scheme. We now have a culture of people who are being fast-tracked and are completing inadequate training programmes and are still ending up with a title of “Fully Skilled”.

I have chosen to write this case study after I saw some accident repair work that had been carried out by an unknown body shop. The repair is so bad that I can hardly believe someone bothered to take the time to paint it.

When fibreglass has had an impact of any kind, stress cracks are produced, so to carry out a quality repair these stresses need to be removed from the panel. The easiest, although totally wrong way to repair it is to remove a small amount of the thickness of the panel and then replace it with filler. If this operation is adopted and performed in this way then within weeks rather than months, the stress lines will become visible.

If you are purchasing any vehicle made from fibreglass and gel, you should look at the panels carefully during daylight hours. The panels should be free from any cracks, rubbing down lines, and all moulding should be straight, if not, then you should reject the vehicle.

In the case of the vehicle that came to us, the stress lines were probably not that visible, especially in a dull light, although as time goes by these stress cracks will become more noticeable.

I have attempted to take these photographs for you to see, although the actual vehicle does look 10 times worse than is visible in the pictures.

The only answer to this problem would be to remove the rear cap and start again with an approximate cost of £6,000.00.

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