Checking Body Seals

As the American RV gets older, checking for damp becomes more important. LAS Motorhomes always checks vehicles for this problem whilst they are being serviced, but as you can appreciate in warmer weather, it becomes very difficult to detect any damp. This means that it is the responsibility of the owner to keep their eyes peeled for any signs of damp.

Damp can appear anywhere so you need to check your vehicle on a regular basis, keep an eye on under the windows and in front of external body trim. Also keep a check on the roof lining where the roof meets the interior wall. Often poor manufacturers building quality can lie undetected until it’s too late.

Checking Motorhome Body Seals

In the picture you can see by the paint mark how close the manufacturers have fitted the trim to the edge of the panel, in this case only slight damage has occurred

Checking Motorhome Body Seals

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