American RV Motorhome TV Conversions



TV above the driver’s head.

TV above the driver’s head.

The early Monaco and Holiday Rambler American RV Motorhome pushers have the TV at the front just above the driver’s head, this permits you to give yourself concussion as you alight from the driver’s seat in a hurry.


There are two ways to approach this problem:
1. To invest in a lot of paracetamol tablets or,
2. Rebuild the front cupboards allowing the TV to be fitted in the centre.

This all sounds and looks like a fairly straight forward job on the surface, well that is exactly what I thought when I prepared a quotation for the work. Once the old cupboards had been removed we were left with the iron work to which the wood had been attached to. There were no options, this had to be altered.


This alteration required us to weld the new structure inside the motorhome which is a very difficult thing to do, one stray spark on any of the interior plastic could result in a hole, “Not a headache you want”. The complete front cupboard then needed to be replaced.

Even the vinyl covered cupboard base needed to be remade and covered.

New base being made

New base being made.

I must admit that the estimation that I did would not have been enough even if I had doubled it. The reason for this was quite simple, the LAS team had not done one of these conversions before and I had not correctly gauged the complexity of the work involved. I had estimated the price from a similar conversion that we had done, this particular one did not have the original TV aperture turned into a storage cupboard or did not require the re-manufacturing of the complete cupboard units, as well as the re-making of the cupboard liners and a new vinyl covered base.

A conversion using the original TV aperture as a cupboard

A conversion using the original TV aperture as a cupboard.

Sometimes when undertaking this type of work you wonder where the time goes, for example the construction of the liners to go inside the new cupboards took a complete day because they had to be constructed with the new cupboard in place. If we had been able to construct them on the bench it would have taken far less time, probably about an hour.

Cupboard with ply liners and 230v sockets fitted.

New cupboard with ply liners fitted and the 230v sockets fitted.

The finished conversion.

This new TV conversion has completely transformed the front of the vehicle and has removed “the dated look”

The finished conversion

The finished conversion

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