Side Window Leaks

It has become evident that owners of American RV Motorhomes need to frequently check their vehicles for a damp occurrence. One of the major failings that LAS technicians have found is the passenger and drivers side windows. The point of failure depends on the manufacturer.

This case study looks at a Monaco Monarch, and in this motorhome, it was the passenger’s window that was at fault.

As with many American RV Motorhomes, the Monarch has a front fibreglass cap that forms the front construction of the Motorhome which houses the windscreen. This front cap comes over the passenger’s window aperture and creates a difference of thickness in the panel. What happened in this instance was this thickness difference came in line with the rainwater guttering, allowing the rain to fall right on this imperfection. The rain then ran inside the window frame, which in turn soaked the carpet.

In this instance the owner was lucky as no permanent damage was done.

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