Schwintek Slide Out Mechanism

The Schwintek slide out system can easily be identified by the tracks that are fitted to the top and bottom of the slide out box sides.

This slide system is becoming very popular, not only on American RV Motorhomes but also on caravans. Check your vehicle manual, does your motorhome use an ACCUSLIDE system instead? If so, find out the most common problem here

Although the Schwintek system appears quite reliable some manufacturers have tried to incorporate this system on long full wall slides, which has caused some problems. The main advantage that this system has is that it drives the top and bottom of the slide out box at the same time, which allows the slide out box to open and close parallel. This parallel action has the disadvantage of leaving a step up when the slide out is out, unlike some systems that drop the slide out down near the end of the box out operation and leave a flat floor. When this lowering action occurs it drops the slide out box down and then lowers the box away from the top wind and rain water seal. This has caused many problems in the past when trying to seal the slide out both when it is in and out.

Two electric motors are used on the Schwintek system, one at each end of the slide out box. The speed of the two motors is synchronised with the use of a control unit, and by stopping and starting it will allow the slide out to remain square.  These electric motors are located at the bottom of the slide box and with the use of a long drive shaft they are able to power the slide out at the bottom and also the top.

A few weak points have emerged, one of which is the way the motor relies on four grub screws to locate the motor to the lower gear housing.

The torque reaction of the motor trying to twist, in this case, has worn away the casing as can be seen in the gallery.

In the gallery, we can also see how the drive shaft of the motor fits inside the drive bush.

The drive bush has too much side play, which has allowed the casing to become damaged.

The drive gear with the long drive shaft protruding from the end of the gear housing to which the top gear is attached, allows the motor to drive the top and bottom of the slide out box and can be seen in the gallery.

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