The Jayco American RV Motorhome and the IVA Test

LAS motorhomes are proud to announce the Jayco American RV Motorhome has now passed its IVA test and DVLA had presented it with an identity (Number plates).

This was the first vehicle that LAS had been asked to prepare and present for an IVA test, we must say as a team that we have learnt quite a lot of trivial information.  Our main objective was to get the vehicle through the test without running up a massive bill, this was achieved by doing everything in sight and by not leaving anything to chance.

Jayco American RV Motorhome

Jayco American RV Motorhome side view

When we took it for the IVA test we received a pass first time.  The only thing we had to do then was to provide photographic proof showing that we had rectified a fault, well it was not a fault exactly it was an oversight.  I had instructed one of my team members to fit a rear fog lamp which I had checked to ensure it had an ‘E’ mark which is a European standard.  The thing I neglected to look for was an ‘F’ which all fog lamps are required to have embossed in the plastic next to the ‘E’ mark. As they say, “you learn something new every day”.

Jayco American RV Motorhome fog lamp

Here you can see the ‘F’ mark above the ‘E’ mark.

Following an email with a photograph of a new rear fog lamp working was sent to the tester, the Jayco Motorhome was given a pass.

All in all I found that as long as you didn’t question the directives in the IVA manual and just treated them as a task then all went smoothly, even when we had a headlamp problem and needed to cast some new mouldings.

If you are thinking of importing a new American RV motorhome, give me a call (John) on 01604 861999 and I will help you through all the steps.