US to Euro Conversions

As with all conversions a lot of the work that goes in, if done correctly, won’t been seen or heard.

With over 30 years in the business we’ve nearly seen everything, from bad wiring, and DIY generator conversions through to a motorhome whose lights won’t work until you put the RV into reverse gear.

Yes! we can change your exterior lighting from the American standard to be legal in Europe. But just as important is converting your power supply from 110v, 60 Hz to the UK 230v, 50Hz.

So you can use all those UK white goods like toasters, microwaves, sound systems and so on….

We don’t just install transformers and new wiring, as you can see in our first image a poor conversion not only looks messy, but could even cause a fatal electric fire, or in some cases costly wiring short circuits.

We can not only convert your lights, wiring, fuse boxes and generators, we can also change your sockets too. Not just replacing your old American sockets but adding new sockets within your RV.

All this without a piece for unsightly trunking in sight!!