Vehicle Wrapping – The Alternative to Painting

American RV Motorhomes are large vehicles at the best of times, so repainting one can be very time consuming and expensive.

To repaint any vehicle the preparation is the first most important part of the job, as well as being the longest. Firstly you have to remove the shiny lacquer surface for the new paint to adhere to, and then fill any dent to produce a flat surface for painting.

Before you think about painting the newly prepared American RV Motorhome you need to mask off all the parts you don’t want painting then the larger parts such as head lamps, rear lamps and locker catches need to be removed. If a new painted on design is being used then this will also need to be masked in. As you can see this process takes a long time to complete, whereas the actual painting takes less time.

Now the alternative to painting is to have your American RV wrapped. This involves covering the external panels with an adhesive plastic sheet, and then a complicated design can be printed on the vinyl and with skill can look amazing.

One thing to mention is that the preparation for wrapping is also very important because every imperfection is magnified when the vinyl is put on.