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American RV Motorhome TV Conversions

    The early Monaco and Holiday Rambler American RV Motorhome pushers have the TV at the front just above the driver’s head, this permits you to give yourself concussion as you alight from the driver’s seat in a hurry.   There are two ways to approach this problem: 1. To invest in a lot […]

US to Euro Conversions

As with all conversions a lot of the work that goes in, if done correctly, won’t been seen or heard. With over 30 years in the business we’ve nearly seen everything, from bad wiring, and DIY generator conversions through to a motorhome whose lights won’t work until you put the RV into reverse gear. Yes! […]

Fitting LPG systems

Fitting LPG systems to RVs is a very cost effective way of saving money on your fuel bills. At LAS we not only fit the latest gas system to your RV but ensure the LPG tank doesn’t, where possible, take up valuable storage space within your RV. The Zavoli LPG Systems that LAS fit to […]

LPG Conversions

The UKLPG association is responsible for monitoring the workmanship of LPG conversions.  LAS Motorhomes have been a member of this association for 10 years now, and during this time have completed hundreds of LPG conversions on American RV Motorhomes. One thing that is difficult to explain is the variation in prices when requesting a quote […]

110 Volt to 230/240 Volt Electrical Conversion

When you ask any company that carries out electrical conversions to American RV Motorhomes, they will probably tell you that they carry out the best conversion, but do they? This does not have much bearing on the answer to my question; you cannot trust the price either. An electrical conversion can be carried out in […]