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Access problems with Generator Servicing

If you purchase a generator through LAS Motorhomes we would be more than happy to assist you with the technical information regarding fitment.  We pride ourselves that we have the technical knowledge and experience to supply this service to our customers.  The main reason that we offer you all the assistance is to make sure […]

The Cummins 5HDKBB 10,000 Hour Service

A 10,000 hour service might not sound a lot. The standard calculation to convert hours into miles on static engines is to multiply the hours x 40. When you put 10,000 hours into miles the calculation is 400,000 miles, we are getting close to ½ million miles. What I am about to do is give […]

Cummins Onan 3.6YFR-7076-AO42U506 Generator Autopsy

Cummins Onan 3.6YFR-7076-AO42U506 Generator Autopsy No matter how good and reliable a product is, when an unexplained fault occurs the product is then labelled as “crap”. Here at LAS motorhomes we have come across a good example of this, it was with a Cummins Onan 3.6YFR-7076 (microlite) generator. The customer contacted us and asked if […]

500 Hour Service Interval on KY & KV Onan Generators

Most commercial mechanical products require some adjustments and replacements at regular intervals. Cummins Onan generators are no exception, they have a service plan written for them which allows their products to perform at their maximum as well as maintaining their reliability. One of the problems we have encountered is excessive valve clearances on the 3.6 […]

LAS Motorhomes Open a New Unit as a Cummins Onan Generator Dealership

LAS Motorhomes Open a New Unit to Cater for the Cummins Onan Generator Dealership LAS Motorhomes have carried out services and repairs to the Cummins Onan RV generator for around 14 years.About 10 years ago Cummins Onan opened a depot in Stanford so they could sell their complete range of generators with a service, repair […]