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American RV Body Repairs

LAS Motorhomes carry out many body repairs, this small sentence can be expanded into a whole host of specialised repairs. When you think of an RV body repair you may think of a bit of filler and a splash of paint, but if you read on you will see that this is not the case. […]

Fourwinds Hurricane

Often when someone contacts you about a fault on their American motorhome you ask the appropriate questions, analyse the answers then come up with an idea of what you think it might be.  Most of the time I am spot on but on this occasion, I was a country mile out. An owner of a […]

AGM Leisure Batteries

Recently one of our customers decided that he would like LAS Motorhomes to fit a surround system with amplifier in his motorhome.  Our first task was to alter the front cupboard space to enable us to fit all the equipment (this will be covered in a later case study). The reason for this case study […]

Oyster satellite self-seeking problems and how to overcome them

The satellite market is full of automatic self-seeking satellite systems, some are good quality some are not so good. One thing that is for certain is that they are in the not too distant future going to experience problems locking onto the Astra 2. This is because the satellite that is orbiting earth beaming down […]

The Airstream Re-paint Part 2

Part 1 of the story ended with us waiting for the customer to come and have a look at what the team had produced.  That day came and the owner arrived accompanied by his daughter.  He was pleasantly surprised at the outcome.  That was all well and good but we needed a decision on how […]

The Airstream Re-paint

A year ago LAS motorhomes were asked to work on an Airstream motorhome which was featured in the film “Rush”.  Rush is the film that is based on the true story about Niki Lauda and James Hunt, their battle for the formula 1 world title. The Airstream motorhome has been sat for two years in […]

Converting American RV Motorhome Roofs from Aluminium to Fibreglass

Between 2001 and 2004 some of the American RV motorhome manufacturers moved away from the rubber roof membrane and started to cover the roofs with two sheets of aluminium in a quest to stop some of the leakage problems.  If you think about it this could have been a good solution to an escalating problem. […]

Badly Fitted Windscreen Rubber on New Windscreens

LAS motorhomes started fitting new windscreens many years ago because they could not rely on windscreen companies to carry out the work correctly. The first problem we found was the level of care that was not taken whilst working inside American RV motorhomes, working on none protected carpets, standing on seats and dash boards. This […]

Passionate About American RV Motorhomes

Here at LAS we are passionate about American RV Motorhomes and are proud of the high quality work that we carry out and produce.  It doesn’t matter how large or small the accident or body repair is, the same care and attention is always taken. At LAS we know and understand how much your American […]

American Motorhome Windscreen and Front Cap Water Leaks

LAS have been repairing American motorhomes for some 15 years now and have carried out a lot of repairs on motorhomes suffering from rainwater leaks. Many are from what seems to be windscreens and front caps, although several of these leaks have been caused by marker lamps and poorly sealed windscreens. Some of them have not […]