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Interior Updates

When customers come to us requiring interior upgrades to their motorhomes it can sometimes be quite difficult for us to relay our ideas over to the customer.  Some customers have big ideas of what they want without any real grasp of what work is involved to achieve their vision. There is also the problem of […]

American Motorhome Interior Update

Part 1 The challenge for this American RV motorhome conversion is to “Create the wow factor”, now that is easier said than done. The owner has come up with some definite ideas which have pushed the boundaries about as far as they can go. His first request was to introduce more light into the interior […]

220 Volt Electrical Additions

I have previously written a case study on how not to carry out an electrical addition, but now feel the need to update it. During the week commencing 28th June 2015, I came across another poorly converted American vehicle. It was a 5th wheel that looked like it had been done by someone with no […]

Your Bespoke Motorhome Part 2

When LAS motorhomes website was having its re-vamp under the RV’s interior section, I added an article under the heading of “Your bespoke motorhome”. The idea of this was to show the great length we need to go through and the amount of work it takes to create the dream. When you start to strip […]

Accumulator Tank in a Pressurised System

An accumulator is an important part of the pressurised fresh water system for an American RV motorhome. The purpose of the accumulator is to act as a pressure buffer when fitted close to the water pump outlet. Some American RV motorhomes are fitted with an accumulator, while some are not. If your American motorhome has […]

Interior Design

Not everyone knows what they want until they see it. Quite often LAS will start a project and then when it gets to the dismantling stage, ideas start to flow. The biggest problem with updating interiors is not what you can see, it is with what you cannot see. It is not until you start […]

Airstream Motorhome

American Airstream Motorhomes in excellent condition are difficult to find, which is unusual considering Airstream only ceased production some 20 years ago. It is rare to be able to find a decent one, but if you can it is worth spending the money on buying it. One of our customers managed to find a half […]

Accuslide Slide-Out Failures

It has come to LAS Motorhomes attention that a number of motorhome body manufactures are using a slide-out system called ACCUSLIDE. This system comprises of an electric motor, a chain and steal ropes. The problem has occurred with the rope adjusters coming loose and allowing the slide out to extend unevenly, if this is left […]

Accessories Case Study

When it comes to fitting accessories, it’s not just about slotting the accessory in or bolting onto your RV. Many factors need to be taken into account before we even fit an accessory. Like does it need power to work? Where’s the best and safest place to install? And of course the million dollar question… […]

Airstream Case Study

Early in the year, LAS received a phone call asking if they could carry out an electrical conversion on a 1994 Airstream 350LE. After speaking to the owner of the vehicle for some time we discovered he not only required an electrical conversion, but also the road lights modifying and an MOT. The vehicle was […]