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American RV Motorhome IVA Pass

LAS Motorhomes have just carried out the IVA alteration work on a 2014 Tiffin Allegro 28 feet American RV Motorhome. There was one main difficulty we encountered, this was the side light and the headlight circuits, they were cam bus controlled and took a little bit of thought for us to overcome. The original headlamps […]

American Motorhome RV Servicing - Exhaust Emissions

When we service your American RV at LAS Motorhomes we check the exhaust emissions if your vehicle runs on either LPG or petrol. Just recently the VOSA MOT standard has tightened up their tolerances on certain items, one of those items is the exhaust emissions. Whilst checking the emissions on each MOT and service inspection […]

American 5th Wheel – Wheel Studs

American Motorhomes have more servicing requirements than American 5th Wheel trailers. It is far easier to take a Motorhome to a repair centre than to take a Fifth Wheel there. The trend is nowadays to buy a 5th Wheel and put it onto a site where it can be used for permanent accommodation. Having the […]

American RV Motorhome Servicing Observations

When we carry out a service at LAS Motorhomes we complete a number of checks.  One of these checks is to test the emissions.  The emissions can tell you quite a lot, for instance, if the engine is running rich or lean, and also if the engine has a misfire. The problem that we have […]

American RV Motorhome Overheating and Lack of Performance

LAS Motorhomes pride themselves on the ability to solve a problem and think outside of the box. The owner of an American motorhome contacted me to ask if LAS would interested in taking on the job of rebuilding the Cummins engine that powered his motorhome. This is the point of the conversation where you should […]

Main Dealer Servicing

Main dealer servicing is associated by some people as an unnecessary extra cost, but is it? In this case study we will try to examine the facts and figures with the aid of some evidence that will explain why it is better to have your generator serviced and repaired by the Dealers. First of all […]

American Motorhome IVA Pass

LAS Motorhomes would like to announce that they have just had a Tiffin Allegro Red Motorhome pass its IVA test first time. The Tiffin Allegro Red is a very nice Cummins powered pusher with its interior made from dark gloss wood effect that looks very modern. For once Tiffin have produced an American motorhome that […]

Another Successful IVA Test

LAS are encouraging customers to self-import new American RV motorhomes. It might seem an overwhelming prospect at first, but once you get started you find out how easy it is to do and how much you can save over dealer prices. Today 3rd June 2015 we took another motorhome (Thor ACE) for its IVA test […]

Corrosion on Roadmaster Chassis

The Monaco Corporation ceased trading during the financial crash and has now got new owners. Both the old models and now the new ones still use the Road Master chassis. This chassis was and still is part of the top end range. The older models such as the Windsor and Diplomat used this chassis, these […]

The Jayco American RV Motorhome and the IVA Test

LAS motorhomes are proud to announce the Jayco American RV Motorhome has now passed its IVA test and DVLA had presented it with an identity (Number plates). This was the first vehicle that LAS had been asked to prepare and present for an IVA test, we must say as a team that we have learnt […]