How to perform the V10 Triton spark plug repair

How to perform the V10 Triton spark plug repair

There are many different ways to perform a repair, a permanent one requires the spark plug to be held in with more than the original 4 thread.

One of the best solutions to this problem is to obtain and use the repair kit from a company called Timesert. This kit contains all the tools you need for a permanent repair to be done, without having to remove the engine or cylinder head.

1. Firstly a reamer is used from the kit, this is used to remove the damaged spark plug threads from the cylinder head.

2. Then the next step is to cut a new thread into the cylinder head, this thread will be used to screw an insert into the head to which the spark plug will eventually thread in.

3. The Timesert insert unlike a helicoil once inserted cannot unscrew when removing the spark plug. This also allows the spark plug to be held into the cylinder head by 6 threads instead of the 4 threads which was Fords original design.

This repair is not that difficult to do if you take the time to watch the repair video below which explains the process step by step.