Santa Pod on the Spring Bank Holiday

Santa Pod on the Spring Bank Holiday

The stage was all set for a good holiday weekend. All was well, the transporter was gleaming with its new vinyl wrap and the car looked spectacular with its new LAS Motorhomes logo on its doors. Simon Gough the driver (pilot), was in very high spirits.

Simon Gough with the car at Santa Pod

On Saturday morning the track was unpredictable, there were many difficulties as the air density was constantly changing, and this gave some strange results for the first practise runs.

Sunday morning brought some delays at first, but the track was in excellent condition. A top fuel car covered the 1,000 feet in and amazing 3.9 seconds at a speed of over 300 miles per hour.

Simon’s group, the super pro-ET had its first qualifying race a little later than originally programmed. It was 20.30 hours when Simon and his car approached the track, just as he got there another delay occurred, the car that had ran in the previous race had experienced a problem that meant the track crew had to remove some liquid off the track. This delay meant that Simon had to sit in his car in the burn out area for about 10 minutes which I thought might unsettle him.

When the race started Simon set off from the lights with great precision and catapulted him and his car through to the next round.

Monday morning came, Simon unfortunately lost this round by 0.004 of a second, and this sadly concluded his racing for this weekend. All in all he did extremely well and he should be proud of himself. We are all ready and excited for the next set of racing which will be at the end of this month.