Santa Pod Summer Nationals 26th – 28th June 2015

Santa Pod Summer Nationals 26th – 28th June 2015

The weekend has arrived for Simon Gough’s second outing of the year with his Chevrolet Camaro.

According to the weather experts, we were due for a dry weekend with a slight chance of rain early in the morning of Sunday 28th, although it should be dry for the start of racing at 09.00.

Simon carried out a few practice runs on Friday but didn’t seem very happy when I saw him that evening. The problem was thought to be the track, he had to submit a time to the timekeeper then run the ¼ mile as close to this time possible (bracket racing). What was happening was the car was getting too much wheel spin in the first 60 feet, making the end time way off the predicted time. This wheel spinning was thought to be due to the low grip on the track.

On the morning of Saturday 27th at 09.00 hours on the dot, the cars burst into life. Simon’s group were called early and although the grip of the track was improving all the time, he still had the same wheel spin problem. It was now evident that the rear tyres were worn out and needed replacing. Simon had got some new tyres but had not brought them with him, this had disillusioned him slightly. It was at this point I resisted calling him “a prat” and reminded him that you need to work with what you have got and to stop moaning.

When it came to the qualifying rounds, things started to improve and come together.

The weather report for the Sunday was proved to be miles out. It did not stop raining until 12.00 which meant the racing was delayed by 3 hours.

Simon successfully got through to the ¼ finals and due to the time delay in racing that morning I decided it was getting late and I packed up my motorhome and made my way home.

When I arrived home I checked up on where Simon had finished, found out that he had won the final and I had missed it! Well done to him and his team and wish him all the best with his next race.