Simon Gough moves to Super Gas

Simon Gough returned to Santa Pod at the start of the season racing in the Super Pro Class. In the Super Pro Class you predict the time that it will take you to travel the ¼ mile stretch, this has to be between 9 and 6 seconds and the person that is the closest to their predicted time wins the race.

Two years prior to this I reported that Simon had won the title at Santa Pod, following this Simon decided to take a year off racing to concentrate on his business.

On the Sunday morning at the Santa Pod Nationals that was held earlier this year I caught up with Simon and he told me that his engine had failed on the Saturday, this prevented me from going and taking any photographs at this meeting.

Simon striped down the engine to find that the cam chain had snapped which had caused heavy damage to the top end of the engine. While the engine was out of the car he decided to overhaul the gearbox and so it went on.

Having won the title previously, I don’t think his heart and soul was in the Super Pro Class, this prompted him to build the engine so he could compete in the Super Gas Class.

The Super Gas Class is marginally different in which you have to cover the ¼ mile stretch in 9.9 seconds, once again the closest to the 9.9 wins and they go through to the next round and this continues until they reach the final.

Simon had been producing some good results in this class, although the bad weather at the European finals during 8th – 10th September 2017 prevented all of that class from racing at this event. This now makes the next event on the 23rd/24th September 2017 all the more important.

Simon Gough's new racing car super gas

Simon Gough's new racing car

Simon Gough's new racing car

Simon Gough's new racing car