On-site Inspections

American RV Motorhome On Site Inspections

When you decide to purchase an American RV motorhome the first thing people need to do is to collect as much information about it as possible, which the majority of you do.

The dilemma you have is where you get the information from. For instance if someone is selling a Thor Hurricane motorhome then they may think that this is the best motorhome that your money can buy, but is it? How can you be sure? Next, people tend to look on forums, where everyone is an expert… Usually an expert at guessing the answers!

Can LAS Motorhomes help you decide how to spend your money wisely on an RV Motorhome? I think we can, as I have helped many owners to safely purchase their dream RV Motorhomes with confidence. Let me do an on site inspection of the vehicle for you.

First of all I would make sure that the floor plan is right for you and suitable for your requirements, then look at the best type of motorhome that you can buy with the money that you are going to spend. Give me a call (John Beesley), and I can discuss with you which models to look at as well as the ones I would recommend you should avoid, this will help you to start your search. Only when you are certain that you wish to buy a specific American motorhome will I travel out to it and inspect it for you. After all, think about it, you wouldn’t buy a house without having a surveyors report done first would you?

With a private sale your warranty is usually very limited whereby a dealer will give you 3 months. How can you be certain the dealer has inspected it or has the knowledge to examine it thoroughly? To be honest most warranties are a bit like a lottery, some American motorhomes are sold without even being serviced. If you as the new owner report problems they will fix them for you within the warranty period. What if you miss something or do not notice some major deterioration on part of the motorhome, like if you buy the motorhome in the summer, you may not know the roof is leaking until winter and then the vehicle is out of warranty. This is where I can be very helpful and save you money, I will fully inspect the motorhome on your behalf and check all of the systems, TV, water, awning, gas, roof for leaks, slide outs, chassis, engine, LPG system and much more.

On completion of my inspection I will present you with a full written report on the condition of the RV motorhome, allowing you to know what you are about to buy or walk away from. There are many advantages to having a report done before you buy, one is that it can reduce the time you have to spend going back to the dealer for repairs, and another is that you can get any repairs done that the motorhome needs before you part with any of your money.

Give John Beesley a call on 01604 861999 before you purchase a motorhome.