Commercial Quiet Propane (Vapour Propane LPG) QG2300

Part No: A042X686
Model: 2.3HGJBB -1123 (LPG)
All Prices: Exclude VAT and Carriage
Trade prices on request

This light weight unit (57 kg) produces a maximum of 2.3 kw (10 amps) of clean power.


Product Description

The compact unit is easy to fit with the exhaust and LPG reducer all contained within the unit.  At ½ load the average fuel consumption is 0.6 kg/hr and at full load 0.8 kg/hr.

If the generator is being fitted to an appliance with a built in gas tank then running costs can be greatly reduced compared with its petrol equivalent.

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Part No.DescriptionPrice
0155-2325Tail pipe kit to be used with exhaust downtube£19.19
AO41L816Exhaust tube, extended downtube£11.64
AO41H694Exhaust elbow 90 deg£14.54
0155-2174Tailpipe hanger£4.65
Part No.DescriptionPrice
0300-5331Control panel – Switch only£23.85
0300-5332Control panel – Switch & Hourmeter£39.54
0300-5333Control panel – Switch & DC Voltmeter£56.99
0338-3489-01Remote harness 10ft£19.19
0338-3489-02Remote harness 30ft£29.07
0338-3572Pigtail @ remote panel£5.81
Part No.DescriptionPrice
AO42W103Underfloor mounting kit£117.46
AO43F935Retro Adaptor£28.49