Cummins Commercial QG 5800 EF1 Petrol Generator Set


Part No: A042W824
Model: 5.8 HGJAD – 2010
All Prices: Exclude VAT and Carriage
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This quiet and efficient fuel injected petrol generator is one of the quietest in its class.


Product Description

The QG 5800 EF1 Petrol Generator Set will give you 5.8 kw (25.2 amps) of clean power. Weighing in at 132 kg, and at ½ load the average fuel consumption is 2.3L/hr through to 3.6L/hr at full load. This unit has a 5 amp start battery facility.

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Part No.DescriptionPrice
A026E097Exhaust elbow 90 deg£14.54
0155-3481-01Tailpipe kit 22ӣ31.40
0155-3481-02Tailpipe kit 26ӣ32.56
Part No.DescriptionPrice
0300-5331Control panel – Switch only£23.85
0300-5332Control panel – Switch & Hourmeter£39.54
0300-5333Control panel – Switch & DC Voltmeter£56.99
0338-3489-01Remote harness 10ft£19.19
0338-3489-02Remote harness 30ft£29.07
0305-0979Pigtail @ remote panel£17.45
Part No.DescriptionPrice
0405-6699Underfloor mounting kit£115.14
0541-1002Fuel pump kit£196.08
0149-2647Return tube kit£14.54