Cummins Commercial QG3300 Vapour Propane (LPG)

Part No: A030V417
Model: 3.3KYFR – 4858 (LPG)
All Prices: Exclude VAT and Carriage
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This Cummins Onan QG3300 is ideal for a catering van as it can be made to run off an LPG tank or from a propane bottle.


Product Description

The unit can produce a maximum of 3.3 kw (14.3 amp) which makes an ideal unit to run something like mobile catering or maybe a fish & chip van.  At ½ load the unit’s average fuel consumption is 1 kg/hr which calculates into running the generator on a 47 kg propane for a week at ½ load or 36 hours at full load.

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Part No.DescriptionPrice
0155-2850Exhaust tube£15.69
0155-2845Tailpipe kit£19.78
0155-2174Tailpipe hanger£4.65
0155-2449Exhaust resonator£18.02
Part No.DescriptionPrice
0300-5331Control panel – Switch only£23.85
0300-5332Control panel – Switch & Hourmeter£39.54
0300-5333Control panel – Switch & DC Voltmeter£56.99
0338-3489-01Remote harness 10ft£19.19
0338-3489-02Remote harness 30ft£29.07
Part No.DescriptionPrice
AO30X652Underfloor mounting kit£118.05