Cummins Commercial 13.5KW Single or 3 Phase Diesel Generator Set

Part No: AO44U910
Model:  13.5QD HDKBP
All Prices: Exclude VAT and Carriage
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The 13.5KW generator is the smallest in the range that comes with either a single phase or 3 phase option.


Product Description

Its alternator and engine are contained in a soundproof box. The radiator and exhaust need to be fitted remotely. This radiator can be mounted up to four metres away from the engine without the use of an extra water pump. Its engine speed is computer controlled at 1500RPM. The engine only produces 63dB of sound at full load. This generator has a battery charging facility and a fuel consumption of 4.8 litres per hour at full load.

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Part No.DescriptionPrice
0155-2355-04Exhaust flexible pipe£46.35
AO52F3182” NPT Standard silencer£189.00
AO52F3192” NPT Hospital silencer£258.30
A052F0362” NPT Coupling£21.60
Part No.DescriptionPrice
0300-6363-03Set mounted e-series digital display£265.05
0300-5725-01Basic 12 volt stop/start panel£45.00
0300-5725-02Basic 24 volt stop/start panel£45.00
0541-1130E-series digital display£222.75
Part No.DescriptionPrice
A052F5884.5 metres (15ft)£40.50
A052F5917.6 metres (25ft)£47.25
A052F58713.7 metres (45ft)£56.25
Part No.DescriptionPrice
A0405616Remote radiator pack with AC fan£777.78
A041G001Exhaust and radiator installation kit£144.27
B32750HZ12 Lead, 3 phase£284.85
B20124 Volt neg ground electrical system£281.16
H605Graphic control display (set mounted)£392.28
H647Harness – remote shut down£34.99