Diesel 10,000 Hour Service Kit


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Product Description

Parts for the 10,000 hour service
5 Litres of engine oil
Engine oil filter (0185-7444)
Engine air filter (0140-3351)
Engine diesel filter (0149-2513)
Generator brushes (0212-1303)
Valve cover gasket (0185-5528) spec required A+B
Water pump belt (0511-0235)
Generator drive belt (0511-0196) spec required A-C
Drive belt pulley (0512-0248)
Hub coupling (0512-0217)
Hub drive (0232-4111)
2 Rotor bearings (0510-0208)

Generator Set Data Table

Model IdentificationFuelWiring DiagramVoltageHertzPhase
5.5HDKBB 2860A/B/CDiesel630-2298120601
5.5HDKBB 2861A/B/CDiesel630-2298120/240601
5.5HDKBB 2905A/B/CDiesel630-2298120/240603
5.0HDKBB 2862A/B/CDiesel630-2298115/230501
5.0HDKBB 2863A/B/CDiesel630-2298230/400503
5.0HDKBB 6880C/DDiesel630-2298230501
5.0HDKBC 2860DDiesel630-2298120601
5.0HDKBC 2861DDiesel630-2298120/240601
5.0HDKBC 2905DDiesel630-2298120/240603

* − The specification number denotes customer requested options or deviations from a standard (1A, 1B, etc.) model. The specification letter advances (A, to B, to C, etc.) with major manufacturing changes.