American RV Accident Repair

If you have an accident in your RV Motorhome, what happens next?


Before you start a massive debate with the Insurance company, you need to find a reliable Accident Repair Centre whom you can trust to carry out the repairs on your RV Motorhome. The first thing to do is to notify your Insurance company to which they may request several estimates. At this point, you need to know that if you want to, you can choose your own repairer. This is due to the fact that an American RV Motorhome is a specialised vehicle. The other thing to take into consideration is that if you start driving all over the country to get quotes, how much fuel are you going to use?

There are various options, you may choose a commercial vehicle repairer, or perhaps a bus repairer but before you make your decision, I would like to explain a few points:

First of all, due to the problem the RV manufacturers have had with insolvency over the past few years, a lot of the body parts are no longer available. The commercial or bus body shop will give you an estimate for the work, the insurance company then accepts it and you think you are home and dry. What happens, in reality, is, that the commercial or bus body shop orders the parts they need, only to find that they cannot get them or alternatively they have to wait forever for them.

At LAS motorhomes if we cannot buy the parts that are needed, then we will make them. An example being locker doors on some models that are not available, so we have made them. If you need part of a side for your RV motorhome, for instance, LAS motorhomes have the skills to make it for you. All in all, its all about knowing your craft, and part of that is knowing what you can buy and what you can’t and then having the equipment to be able to make what you cannot buy.

The other thing is can you trust the repairer with your motorhome? When it comes to damage decals there is definitely no use in ordering them, you have to paint them on. American vinyl colours are not the same as European. As mentioned earlier many American RV companies have changed ownership or gone into insolvency. The companies that have changed ownership now only want to sell you a new motorhome.

Here at LAS Motorhomes, if you deliver your vehicle to our workshops with your Insurance details, we will sort it all out for you. Firstly we will prepare and submit an estimate to your Insurance company. An engineer from the Insurance company will then come to our premises to inspect your vehicle, if he is satisfied with the estimate he will then give authorisation for the work to be carried out.

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