Roof Repair

The American RV motorhome roof needs to be looked after and inspected each year in case of damage.


If damage is found, then a roof repair needs to be carried out as soon as possible.

Here at LAS motorhomes, we know the problems and how to solve them. That is why on the annual service the roof is inspected and with the permission of the owner, sections of the roof are resealed where needed.


peeled back to reveal roof damage

roof damage


roof repair


RV roof repair is a common process, from resealing to putting a patch over a damaged area. You must be aware that a break in the rubber roof membrane should be repaired straight away before water is allowed to get under the membrane and soak into the wood below. Once this happens a roof repair then comes too extensive and turns into a roof replacement.


Problems can arise with a fibreglass roof. These replaced the rubber roof, due to the fact the rubber needed to be looked after, i.e. washed and inspected regularly. Fibreglass roofs then started to replace them as a more maintenance free substitute. They are much noisier when raining, although they remain reliable.

Some manufacturers opt to use two sheets of fibreglass joined in the middle, while others such as Winnebago use a one piece roof.
The one thing that fibreglass has against it is that over the years the UV light from the sun makes it brittle, and in some cases can start to crack. If this does happen, then an RV repair can be carried out.


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