RV Awnings

The American RV motorhome awning is one of those parts of the RV that is forgotten until it fails.


Here at LAS motorhomes, we not only repair the bodywork but also repair and replace the awnings.

A lot of damage can occur to the awning if the RV is involved in an accident. LAS motorhomes can replace the iron work if needed or the complete awning.

One of the most common faults with awnings is the roller tension springs.  The right-hand spring as you face the awning has a ratchet system on it, which with the flick of a lever you can roll the awning out and it will stay out, flick the lever the other way and the awning will roll in but not out. Sometimes the ratchet lever tends to wear out, allowing the awning roller to roll in and out.  The roller tensioning springs are housed in the left and right-hand awning end caps. These springs are also prone to failure because the awning tube can get water in it, and in turn corrodes the spring, which eventually causes it to snap.  Once one or both of the springs snap, the tension which is used to hold the awning in is then reduced or removed, which then can allow the wind to unwind the awning fabric.  When this happens the awning fabric gets torn, this alone can be a potential hazard.



The slide out awnings also works on a similar principle but without a ratchet system, which allows the slide out topper to roll and unroll with the slide out.

Electric awnings are slightly different, as they just rely on a motor to wind the awning in and out on the right-hand side, with one spring on the left to give the fabric some tension.  The electric awnings often have a wind sensor to protect them in windy conditions.  This is due to them only having one tension spring; it leaves them vulnerable to the wind ballooning the awning fabric which can then become expensive.  The idea of the wind sensor is to activate the motor under windy conditions and bring the awning in.

The last type of awning looks the same as the electric awning without the motor when it is in, but once you get it out you notice it has gas struts.  These struts are designed to keep the awning out and under tension, but the awning is only meant to be used on very calm days.

If you have damaged your awning whether it is an A+E, Carefree of Colorado, or Zip Dee, LAS motorhomes will be able to either repair or replace it for you.

For more information on a repair or replacement motorhome awnings, call us now on 01604 861999