RV Windscreens

American RV window screens are an expensive component of an American RV motorhome.

The problem is to find a company that can supply you a “windshield”, as it is known in America, at a sensible price, and who knows how to fit it correctly.

At LAS motorhomes we have supplied and fitted many window screens for American RV motorhomes, so we know most of the pit falls. We know that a lot of insurance companies prefer one supplier and push you all the way to go with them, but if you ask for someone else to supply and fit the window screen, they cannot refuse if your preferred supplier is cheaper.

The Insurance company will tell you to contact the “Auto Glass” supplier (pardon the plug). Now they can supply your RV windshield and fit it, but at a very high price. As with 90 per cent of American RV’s, the windscreen is surrounded with special clips holding decorative panels inside, and if the screen is bonded in, there is a decorative rubber trim on the outside.

Some of the American RV motorhomes from 2006 have now got body colour coded trim which is glued on up the sides of the window screen. This trim is made up from durable plastic that stretches when removed and cracks the paint.

Here at LAS motorhomes we have the equipment to match and respray the panels, something the “Auto Glass” suppliers have not got.

If you do need a new windscreen rubber we won’t make excuses and say “the old one will do” we will get you a new one.

LAS motorhomes pride themselves on their workmanship and know how much your American motorhome means to you. We shut off the inside of the vehicle and clean up afterwards, we don’t ask you to sign on the dotted line and leave you with the mess to tidy up afterwards.

We replace window screens inside our workshop; the vehicle is left inside the previous night, so as to make sure the old windscreen is dry.

Then we fit the new windscreen and leave it for 24 hours before moving it again.

The reason the screen is left inside the night before, is that any dampness around the screen will prevent the sealer from drying and the new windscreen will leak.

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