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Do I Need A Solar Panel?


Many people get slightly carried away when they find out that they could be paying £5.00 a night for power at a campsite and immediately fit a motorhome solar panel without considering the cost implications it may have. Firstly, in order to light 5 x 21W bulbs we would need about 10 amps worth of current.


RV Solar Panels

Dark crystals are a sign of good quality panels

RV Solar Panel

Panels do get hot so it is important to keep an air gap


A motorhome solar panel that could achieve this would cost somewhere in the region of £800.00. We also have to consider that 10 amps would be a maximum figure, only achievable (in the UK) on those sunny days that we all dream about. On average, a reasonable figure would be around 7 amps for a constantly sunny day, which would only replace the power that you are using. In a motorhome this figure isn’t particularly high considering one of the aims of a solar panel is to help recharge the batteries, not merely put back what you are using at the time.

However, if you regularly camp, and think that a solar panel would be suitable for your motorhome then you need to purchase a high quality panel and regulator. If you would like any more advice or information on solar panels then give LAS Motorhomes a call.

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