Cooking & Washing

Motorhome Cookers

Where gas is concerned in your American RV motorhome, LAS Motorhomes have a vast wealth of experience.


We can make sure the gas hob is burning correctly as well as diagnosing and repairing your cooker. I have been informed by people who can cook (not including me) that the oven regulators tend to go from one extreme or another, that is to say, food is either under or over cooked, even when the cooker is in good working order.


American Motorhomes Cooking & Washing UK

Blue flame denotes good gas & air mixture


Motorhome Washers/Dryers

On some American motorhomes, there is a provision for a washer or a washer/dryer. If you live in your motorhome, this would evidently be an advisable option. As most of the American appliances use an imperial measurement, an English washer/dryer would not fit into the space provided. LAS Motorhomes can alter your cabinet accordingly to accommodate a metrically measured machine.


American Motorhomes Cooking & Washing UK

UK washers/dryers can be fitted to most RV’s


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