How to fix corrosion problems on the Monaco Roadmaster chassis

The Monaco Corporation ceased trading during the financial crash and has now got new owners.

Both the old models and now the new ones still use the Road Master chassis. This chassis was and still is part of the top end range. The older models such as the Windsor and Diplomat used this chassis, these new models are now too long to be accepted on our roads.

Watch the video on the problems found here





One of the big American RV motorhome failings is under body corrosion. Not much, if any under body protection in the way of paint or underseal is, and was used on the chassis and outriggers when they were and are manufactured.

LAS highly recommend that the underside of the motorhome should be undersealed as soon as possible with a coating of “Schutz” to protect your investment, this will reduce the risk of expensive corrosion repairs.


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