Electronic Rust Protection (CAT)

The CAT Electronic Rust Protection is an ACTIVE process, unlike any other product.


The system disrupts the normal rusting process by generating an “electron field” (similar to the way electron plumbing systems repel limescale in copper pipework) this field protects all the metal parts of the vehicle that have earth continuity, slowing down the progression of rust by at least 80%!


Why have one installed on your American Motorhome or RV?

  • It’s completely harmless to you & your family. – NO Harmful chemicals.
  • Has a 2-year warranty. (Annual inspection required)
  • NO Unsightly holes in chassis or doors.
  • Protects at least 95% of your RV’s metal work.
  • NO Unsightly oversprays on panels or messy sprays required.
  • Reduces static electricity effects.
  • NO Need to unscrew or remove panels.
  • Laboratory and road TESTED AND PROVEN!


Parts of the CAT System

The CAT Rust Protection system comes with three main parts:-

  • The Vehicle Battery Connector,  this provides all the power required for the CAT Generator. The power module also has a fail-safe device that automatically switches the system off if the battery falls below 12.2 volts ensuring that the battery level never becomes too low to start the vehicle.
  • The CAT Generator Module, This unit modifies the power produced by the battery into a constant “stream” of negative electrons that operate the system through an impressed current.
  • The CAT Sensor, the sensor(s) transfers the stream of free electrons to the metal body of the motorhome. While in operation this will produce a constant purring sound.





To find out more about the CAT System, call LAS Motorhomes on 01604 861999