Test Results

The Test Results

The CAT system has been used for the last 20 years by both individuals and the business sector in Australia.

It has been tested by eminent scientists in several countries, Ruststopshop has also had the CAT on trial on motorhomes over the last two years.

The image below shows a pictorial account of the results of this trial.


The CAT is fitted within the engine compartment and powered from the vehicle battery.

The system is very easy to fit and, as can be seen, does reduce rust appreciably.

However, it does need a good power supply as it does turn off at 12.2 volts to maintain battery power.


“Due to the appearance or rust on the split chassis of my five-year-old chalet, I decided to have a corrosion protection kit fitted. The kit comprised of two heavy duty CATs were fitted in October 2008.

To check if the unit was working correctly, I fitted a test piece comprising of two ‘L’ shaped mild steel brackets, one of which was attached to the chassis the other suspended alongside with a plastic tie-wrap this having no contact with the chassis.”