What are the pros & cons of a permanently sited 5th Wheel?

American Motorhomes have more servicing requirements than American 5th Wheel trailers. It is far easier to take a Motorhome to a repair centre than to take a Fifth Wheel there.

The trend is nowadays to buy a 5th Wheel and put it onto a site where it can be used for permanent accommodation. Having the 5th wheel permanently sited has its advantages, it eliminates the requirement to own a tow vehicle.

Problems arise when the American 5th Wheel requirements change and the 5th wheel is used on the road.

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LAS Motorhomes have been carrying out servicing on American RV Motorhomes for over 20 years now and know the importance of keeping your vehicle in tip top condition.

We do not offer gold, silver, bronze servicing gimmicks. A service to us means that the complete vehicle is checked and serviced thoroughly, this includes items such as brakes, internal appliances, and even the roof seals are checked.

When we at LAS advertise that we check the brakes this means in the case of disc brakes the brake pads are removed from the callipers and then the calliper dust seals are checked. If drum brakes are fitted to your American RV, the brake drum is removed and the brake shoes are cleaned. The ā€˜Sā€™ cams are also cleaned and the brake shoe rollers are examined for flat spot.

All of these tasks and more are carried out in one of our four fully equipped workshops by our team of fully skilled technicians.


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