American 5th Wheel Service and Repairs

If you are able to deliver your American 5th Wheel Destination Trailer to our workshops in Northampton, we will carry out all your service, conversion, accident damage repair and interior alteration work for you. All of this work will be carried out in-house by our own very experienced team.

American 5th Wheel Destination Trailer American 5th Wheel Destination Trailer

American 5th Wheel Trailers have electric brakes that require periodic maintenance as well as the axle bearings that will need cleaning and re-packing with grease.


American 5th Wheel Trailers electric brakes


If you have just or are intending to import an American 5th Wheel Trailer LAS motorhomes can carry out the electrical conversion work for you.  We will add the 230-volt circuit to your trailer and leave the 110-volt circuit as it was manufactured.



We can also add extra batteries and a leisure battery charger if required.  As you can see below, we have fitted larger batteries along with a new battery charger.  LAS motorhomes then fabricated a new battery compartment which in this case looks original.


batteries and a leisure battery chargerbattery compartment


Any problems you may have with your 5th Wheel unit LAS motorhomes will sort it out for you at their one-stop shop.  If you are involved in an accident you can be certain that the great pride we have in our work and will not allow us to produce substandard workmanship.  The accident damage shown below will be repaired and re-presented to the customer as if the accident had never occurred.


If you have a problem with your 5th Wheel trailer then call LAS motorhomes on 01604 861999.



5th Wheel damage5th Wheel damage


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