Water Heater Servicing

There used to be two main water heater suppliers for American RV Motorhome boilers, but now we have a new kid on the block, the new GSWH-1 on demand water heater.


The Atwood and Suburban water heaters have changed very little in years.  In the 1980’s the gas boiler had a pilot light, this you had to light before use. During the late 1980’s the automatic lighting of the boiler was introduced, then in the early 1990’s an electric element was combined in the water heater against the old idea of having an immersion heater separately.  Now in 2001 came the introduction of the demand water heater.

On a service, LAS Motorhomes check the correct operation of the thermostat and the overheat sensor.  We also check that the boiler is not producing excessive amounts of carbon monoxide (which is poisonousness).



The first picture shows one of the old 120-volt immersion heaters used around 1990 on some of the more expensive motorhomes.

In the second picture, the water heater has been removed so as to find a water leak found on a service.

The third picture shows the water heater leak (frost damage).

In the fourth picture, you see one of the new demand water heaters.


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